New Evidence on Antiviral Impact of Patented V.Dox™ Technology

Vomaris is excited to introduce new evidence1-2 showing that Vomaris’s V.Dox Technology kills viruses—including coronavirus—on contact.

What The Research Is Saying

A team led by Dr. Chandan Sen, Distinguished Professor at Indiana University, just published results from their research.1 They discovered that the electricity delivered by V.Dox Technology:

  • Destabilized and rapidly eradicated coronavirus within one minute of contact
  • Caused defects in the virus’s structural integrity
  • Lowered virus infectivity

Antiviral product applications require further testing and are not for sale until appropriate regulatory approvals/clearances are obtained.
1. Sen, Abhishek; Khona, Dolly; Ghatak, Subhadip; Gopalakrishnan, Vinoj; Cornetta, Kenneth; Roy, Sashwati; et al. (2020): Electroceutical Fabric Lowers Zeta Potential and Eradicates Coronavirus Infectivity upon Contact. ChemRxiv. Preprint.
2. Data on file at Vomaris Innovations, Inc.

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About Vomaris Innovations, Inc.

Vomaris Innovations, Inc. is a privately held medical device company specializing in bioelectric technology. In urgent response to the COVID-19 pandemic and resultant need for protection from virus spread, Vomaris has expanded its mission to “revolutionize infection control, wound healing, and personal protective equipment through the delivery of microcell battery-powered electricity”.