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Procellera® by Vomaris Wound Care, Inc.


Procellera Antimicrobial Wound Dressing is indicated for superficial wounds such as minor cuts, scrapes, irritations, abrasions, and blisters.

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Procellera Provides The Following Features & Benefits

  • Non-antibiotic broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection.
  • A revolutionary new antimicrobial wound dressing may reduce the risk of infection while supporting the body’s natural healing process.2-6, 8-10
  • Procellera is powered by an embedded matrix of moisture-activated microcell batteries that generate an electric field.
  • Available in single layer and self-stick composite configurations.
  • Customizable single layer antimicrobial dressings allow for application on diverse wounds.
  • Water resistant self-stick antibacterial composite dressings absorb excess wound drainage and enable maximum mobility.

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