Vomaris Announces Launch of New Microcurrent-Generating Wound Care Product

Post-Surgical Dressing Can be ‘Built’ During Application to Accommodate Virtually Any Incision with One Product Size Tempe, Arizona – March 12, 2019 – Vomaris Innovations, Inc. reports the U.S. launch and first uses of a revolutionary new post-surgical wound dressing. Procellera® FlexEFit™ Antibacterial Wound Dressing employs a novel ’Link & Build’ design that enables it […]

Breakthrough Evidence on Vomaris Bioelectric Technology’s Impact on Wound Biofilm Infection

Vomaris Innovations, Inc. announced today breakthrough results of the first controlled, preclinical in vivo evidence on the anti-biofilm impact of the Company’s bioelectric antimicrobial technology. The study found that the technology can prevent and disrupt biofilm infection and restore functional wound healing. The manuscript, “Electric Field Based Dressing Disrupts Mixed-Species Bacterial Biofilm Infection and Restores […]

Vomaris’s Technology Impacts Biofilm-induced Antibiotic Resistance

Vomaris Innovations, Inc. announced today a notable presentation of clinically relevant data on how exposure to electric fields generated by their Advanced Microcurrent Technology® disrupts biofilm-induced antibiotic resistance, at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) and Wound Healing Society (WHS) Spring conference held April 5–9, in San Diego, California. The presentation, titled “Overcoming Antibiotic […]

Vomaris’s JumpStart® Product Recognized with Sports Medicine New Technology Award

Orthopedics This Week’s 2016 Sports Medicine Technology Award goes to Advanced Microcurrent Technology®; seen as the New Generation in Wound Care, with Non-pharmacologic Solution to Antimicrobial Efficacy. Vomaris Innovations, Inc., announced today that the company’s Advanced Microcurrent Technology® (AMT) platform has earned RRY Publications, LLC and Orthopedics This Week’s Sports Medicine Technology Award for 2016. […]

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Vomaris with 2016 New Product Innovation Award

Vomaris Innovations, Inc., a company specializing in electroceutical solutions for the wound care market and beyond, announced today that the company’s Advanced Microcurrent Technology® (AMT) platform has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Best Practices Award for New Product Innovation for pioneering a battery-in-a-bandage technology that utilizes electrical energy for wound healing. For the New Product […]

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