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Vomaris’s JumpStart® Product Recognized with Sports Medicine New Technology Award

Tempe, Arizona –

Orthopedics This Week’s 2016 Sports Medicine Technology Award goes to Advanced Microcurrent Technology®; seen as the New Generation in Wound Care, with Non-pharmacologic Solution to Antimicrobial Efficacy.

Vomaris Innovations, Inc., announced today that the company’s Advanced Microcurrent Technology® (AMT) platform has earned RRY Publications, LLC and Orthopedics This Week’s Sports Medicine Technology Award for 2016. This annual award recognizes excellence in sports medicine innovation and celebrates the physicians, scientists and engineers who are creating the next generation of innovative products, which will significantly improve care for athletes of all performance levels. The Vomaris team received its award at the 2016 American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine annual meeting in Colorado Springs on July 8, 2016.

The Sports Medicine Technology Award is sponsored by Orthopedics This Week, the leading publication in orthopedics with more than 180,000 monthly readers. Following a categorization and analysis process, winning technologies were selected by a respected panel of leading sports medicine physicians, including James Andrews MD, Brian Cole MD, Thomas Vangsness MD, David Petron MD and John Dorris MD.

Utilizing electricity to mimic the body’s own physiologic electric currents which are essential for skin repair and wound healing, Vomaris’ core platform – Advanced Microcurrent Technology® – employs embedded moisture-activated microcell batteries that generate microcurrents. It is a new generation solution for wound and incisional care with demonstrated broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy – including antibiotic-resistant1 and biofilm-forming2-3 bacteria – and the ability to support the body’s natural healing process4. This is increasingly important as heightened concern about ‘super bugs’ (i.e. drug-resistant microbes) and infections drives the need for a non-pharmacologic approach to antimicrobial efficacy.

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