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Patented Technology


As the only bioelectric technology of its kind, V.Dox Technology® is disrupting the standard of antimicrobial wound care. It is available both prescription (Procellera® Antimicrobial Wound Dressings) and over-the-counter (PowerHealTM Bioelectric Bandages).  

Microcell Batteries

V.Dox Technology utilizes microcell batteries that are embedded into wound dressings using a proprietary process. These batteries are activated by application of a conductive medium.

Conductive Medium

A conductive medium is any solution that permits the flow of electrons. Examples: saline, hydrogel and water. 


Once activated, V.Dox Technology generates electricity in a process known as an oxidation-reduction or REDOX reaction. Designed to mimic the skin’s internal electrical energy, it has been shown to reduce the risk of infection5,9-11 and accelerate cell migration and re-epithelialization.13

INSPIRED BY THE BODY. Powered by electricity. Energized by results.

The body naturally creates and uses electrical energy to promote healing.

Intact Skin
Electric fields exist naturally in the skin, creating surface energy potential known as transepithelial potential (TEP).5, 15, 16
Wounded Skin

When skin is wounded, a change in electric potential occurs. These physiologic changes are essential to cell migration and wound healing.4

Inspired by the body. Powered by electricity. Energized by results.

Electricity is essential to healing.

V.Dox™ Technology embeds microcell batteries onto the surface of wound dressings. Upon activation by moisture, they wirelessly generate electricity that mimics the electrical activity skin naturally creates and uses to heal itself.

V.Dox Technology is designed to mimic the skin’s physiologic electrical activity, harnessing the power of electricity to reduce the risk of infection while supporting the body’s natural healing process.

Microcell Batteries
  • Moisture-activated microcell batteries comprised of elemental silver and elemental zinc are embedded in a substrate.
  • Upon moisture activation, chemical reactions between the silver and zinc occur, involving the transfer of electrons from the zinc to the silver in a process known as oxidation-reduction or REDOX reaction, which wirelessly generates an electric field.
Inspired by the body. Powered by electricity. Energized by results.


A broad-spectrum antibacterial agent that has demonstrated impact against antibiotic-resistant bacteria and biofilm to dramatically reduce the risk of wound and surgical site infection.

Studies show V.Dox technology has the ability to:

Antimicrobial Impact on Biofilm-Forming Bacteria

Silver Only
V.Dox Technology

Live/dead fluorescence staining demonstrates killing of biofilm-forming P. aeruginosa bacteria within Vomaris’s antimicrobial dressing (see V.Dox Technology picture), compared to silver and placebo control dressings at 24 hours.6

Red=Dead Green=Alive

Energized by Results

There is a large body of published evidence demonstrating V.Dox technology’s outstanding healing and antibacterial impact.


Improvement in rate of epithelialization vs. standard of care. Prospective case series; Skin Graft Donor Site Study (N=13).17

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