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Vomaris Releases New Retrospective Study Conclusions

Chandler, Arizona –

Procellera®’s Microcurrent Technology Associated With Significantly Reduced Healing Times Compared to other Advanced Wound Care Modalities

According to a new retrospective study published in the Journal of the American College of Clinical Wound Specialists,1 the use of Procellera Antimicrobial Wound Dressing with its patented microcurrent technology was associated with significantly reduced healing times compared to other advanced wound care modalities.

In a study of 38 patients treated for acute or chronic wounds in a rehabilitation center between 2010 to 2012, average days to heal for the Procellera group (18 patients) was 19.8 days versus 36.3 days for the standard of care group (20 patients), showing a 45.5% improvement in healing time (p=0.036).

“The retrospective analysis indicated that Procellera reduced healing times in many patients suffering from a spectrum of wound types,” said lead author of the study Emily Whitcomb, Nursing Home Administrator, Bethany Health and Rehabilitation Center and Trevecca Health and Rehabilitation Center, Nashville, Tennessee. “The review showed a significant improvement favoring Procellera, and we continue to use it as our new advanced standard of wound care with good success and improved patient outcomes.”

The study also reported that percentage reduction of wound volume per day was greater in the Procellera dressing treated group, 9.82%, compared to 3.83% for the standard of care group, (p=0.013).

Based on the differences in closure rates between the two groups, the authors concluded that compared to localized standard of care treatments for wounds, Procellera “shortens the wound closure time, has a steeper wound closure trajectory, and has a more robust wound healing trend with fewer incidence of increased wound dimensions during the course of healing.”

Authors affirmed that Procellera is clinically effective in improving wounds resulting from a diverse etiology on patients with multiple co-morbidities, and suggested that Procellera is associated with greater patient comfort, quality of life, decreased resource utilization and potentially significant cost savings.

“The publication of this retrospective study is an important milestone in our ongoing effort to expand our growing body of evidence,” said Michael Nagel, President and CEO of Vomaris.

Vomaris Retrospective Study — 2/2

“The clinical and economic implications of this study are huge. This study highlights real outcomes of Procellera and its efficacy over modalities and Advanced Wound Care Products that are currently available, and drives our commitment to providing a next-generation solution that provides better treatment options for patients,” he continued.


  1. Whitcomb E, Monroe N, Hope-Higman J, Campbell Pl. (in press). Demonstration of a Microcurrent-Generating Wound Care Device for Wound Healing within a Rehabilitation Center Patient Population. Journal of the American College of Clinical Wound Specialists.
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August 2022

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