Advanced Microcurrent Technology®

Vomaris' patented technology is
Inspired by the body. Powered by electricity. Energized by results®.

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A Revolutionary BioElectric Material


Advanced Microcurrent Technology (AMT) generates microcurrents designed to mimic the body’s physiologic electric currents1 to reduce the risk of infection2-5 and support the body’s natural healing process6.

Microcell Batteries

AMT employs a patented matrix of moisture-activated microcell batteries7 comprised of elemental silver and elemental zinc embedded on a substrate.

Conductive Medium

When in contact with a conductive medium (such as saline, water, or an amorphous hydrogel), chemical reactions occur in a process known as oxidation-reduction or REDOX reaction6. This enables AMT to generate electricity wirelessly.

Backed by Research and Results

Independent, peer reviewed, and published studies have shown AMT’s ability to reduce infection risk. With demonstrated antimicrobial efficacy, AMT kills a broad-spectrum of pathogens, including multi-drug resistant4 and biofilm-forming bacteria2,5, thus providing a non-pharmacologic solution to infection control. Additionally, it helps maintain a moist wound environment and supports the body’s natural healing process8-10.

Broad Technology Extensibility


Vomaris’ core technology platform is the only non-pharmacological antimicrobial technology that is inspired by the body’s natural electrical healing process. With broad indications in the prescription wound care market for partial and full thickness, acute and chronic wounds, it is being used across multiple medical and surgical specialties in both human and animal care. It is also FDA-cleared for over-the-counter use. The ability to embed the patented microcell batteries onto a multitude of substrates makes this technology highly extensible into other use areas.

A Proven Track Record

The Vomaris leadership team brings expertise in start-up, emerging growth, and industry-leading global medical device organizations, with over 100 combined years of experience in technology development and successful commercialization.